Asphalt Spray Patching

Our Asphalt Spray Patching Process

Step One

Dynamic spray patching uses the power of highly compressed air in several ways. First, all loose debris and all materials that have separated from the pavement are removed, including the finest dust that could otherwise interfere with adhesion of the repair mix.

Step Two

Next, our asphalt emulsion tack is sprayed on all exposed surfaces; the compressed air ensuring that tack gets into all crevices below grade as well as on top-side edges.

Step Three

Our high quality aggregate is then mixed with emulsion tack and sprayed into the pothole or crack. Again, the use of compressed air ensures that the fill is securely bonded to the existing pavement and underlying material.

Step Four

Finally, the operator controlled sprayer is used as a finishing device to apply a thin dry coating, resulting in a smooth transition between the repair area and the pavement with minimal visual demarcation.

Dynamic Asphalt’s spray patching technique V/s other repair methods

Dynamic Asphalt’s spray patching technique offers significant benefits over other repair methods.


Spray Patch Repairs last for many years, and are a fraction of the cost of re-paving.


Restores the surface and underlying structural integrity of the road.


No marking or cutting of the pavement is required.


Provides fast and effective solution, while minimizing traffic disruptions.


Perfect for asphalt or cement concrete pavements.


Can repair almost any kind of asphalt defect, including large cracks, small cracks, longitudinal cracks, transvers cracks, alligator cracking, potholes, road edging repairs, erosion, etc.

The result is a long-lasting restoration of the road, highway, or parking lot.