Dynamic Asphalt provides professional, reliable Asphalt Spray Patching services throughout Alberta and BC. The Asphalt Spray Patching services we provide, offers the most durable and cost-effective method of repairing cracks and potholes on roads, highways or any paved surface.

With years of experience, and a fleet of modern equipment, you can be assured that repairs by Dynamic Asphalt will both restore and preserve your infrastructure investments.

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    Learn how spray patching by Dynamic Asphalt uses the power of highly compressed air in several ways.


    View photos of Dynamic Asphalt’s paving and sealcoating on residential driveways and business parking lots.


    Repair any paved surface at twice the speed, half the cost, and with better results

    Asphalt is smooth

    Because asphalt is a flexible pavement with layers of material, no construction joints are needed. This seamless look and feel is popular with drivers because it increases fuel efficiency, reduces wear and tear on their vehicles, and makes for a quiet ride.

    Asphalt is quick to construct

    Because asphalt does not require extra time to cure, drivers can use newly paved roadways almost immediately. This means fewer delays and safer roads for the public.

    Asphalt is safe

    Vehicle tires contact well with asphalt and increase skid resistance due to its smooth surface. Its dark color also helps reduce glare for drivers while contrasting striping colors make them easier for drivers to see.

    Asphalt is recyclable

    Asphalt is America’s number one recycled material. The asphalt industry recycles roughly 79 million tons annually, and reuses approximately 99 percent of it.

    Asphalt is cost-effective

    When asphalt is produced, it is easily moldable.This allows the asphalt paver to lay-down asphalt in a continuous fast-paced process, keeping the initial costs low. The use of recycled asphalt pavement in asphalt mixtures also keeps the price down. Additionally, there are many different types of pavement maintenance that can extend the life of your asphalt at a reasonable price.

    100% Better result

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    Explore Asphalt Spray Patching

    Spray patching is a fast, cost efficient way to make long lasting repairs to damaged pavement. It effectively rejuvenates highways, roads, and parking lots, and reduces further deterioration by cleaning, filling, smoothing and sealing cracks, ravelling, potholes, gutter gaps and other bumps and depressions.

    As an example, we can repair half of a typical city block (eg: two potholes, two wide cracks, and a gap at one gutter) in about one hour. The repair cures in 15 minutes, but can be driven on immediately if necessary, which means that we rarely need to completely close a road. Due to weather sensitivity, proper spray patching is done from April to October.

    The cost of spray patching is less than 10% of conventional repaving.

    The spray patching crack repair procedure thoroughly cleans potholes, cracks or other areas to be repaired by removing all debris, including dirt, sand, and fine dust. The spray patch emulsion mixed with a strong aggregate binder material, completely fill the voids and fully adheres to all surfaces. In addition, a final layer of small diameter dry gravel is applied and finished with a smooth drum roller. Within a few days the repaired patch blends in to the surrounding surface, and the repair is typically mechanically sound and durable for up to 5 additional years of service.

    Crack Sealing involves the injection of a rubberized bitumen material, without any pre-treatment of the cracks or other road defect to be repaired. Crack Sealing should only be considered where extremely small cracks are of concern, but is still interior to Asphalt Spray Patching in almost all circumstances. With Crack Sealing, no form of aggregate is mixed with the rubberized bitumen material, and as such, offers no structural strength to the repair. A Crack Seal repair will be seen visually, does not blend in with the existing pavement, and often becomes dislodged from cracks within the first year of service.

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    We offer the highest-quality and most comprehensive Asphalt Spray Patching services in Western Canada. Our company uses the latest equipment and technology to ensure your project goes smoothly, while offering you a competitive rate.